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Weddings and private events are at core specialty of our skills and…

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Expert Valet parking operates at the very heart of the Los Angeles County, covering the city and its surrounding areas. With an experienced staff and professional team of planners, EVP has been offering its services to various private, public, and business events for the past couple of years. To find out more about our background, quality of service or customer satisfaction, do not hesitate to visit our Facebook page to read real Testimonials. We believe in the real quality of our services.



We were originally going to go with another company because it was cheaper. Don’t do it, this was worth it every penny!

Tony R.

Wow, not even sure where to start here. I seriously could not be happier with the high quality level of service I received from EVP.

Mark J.

What an amazing service. Pedram was our service provider and he did an excellent job. I received better service than I could imagine.

Christina O.


At Expert Valet Parking, our first and most important goal is providing a unique service, while leaving an unforgettable charming impression on both guests and hosts of your events. To plan your event, make sure to contact one of our professional planners to help you select the best service and pricing. With us, your guests are greeted respect and professional valet service. We have employed the most professional and experienced staff, most fluent in multiple languages and familiar with various cultures and backgrounds to help meet the needs of all customers. We are comfortable in providing any number of drivers needed to manage large events. Expert Valet parking is licensed and insured in order to protect our customers.


At The Heart of Sunset

Days ago our team did a fantastic job at tops of Sunset blvd. It is not rare for our team to be called to provide

Los Angeles County Officials

We were proud to serve the city of Los Angeles’ officials in their annual BBQ party. Lots of music, lots of food, and definitely lots











Put an extra touch of style on your event with Expert Valet’s array of uniforms to match every occasion 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our costumers always come first. For the establishment of Expert Valet Parking we teamed up with three professional managers whom embrace years of experience to serve the best and full professional service. Most of our staff were professionally trained and are representable. But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our other clients are saying about us.

We always leave it open for our costumers to choose between our varieties of uniform options that we offer. We offer polo style short sleeve shirts, however for more formal events we recommend our tuxedo top with a vest. Our standard uniform is black pants, white tuxedo shirts with either tie or bow tie. Therefore we customize our appearance in a way to our costumer satisfaction. We also offer variety of colors to match the theme of your events – especial pricing includes.

Given the variety of accounts and account types, not to mention the numerous types of events, we could not provide you with an exact or satisfactory number without knowing more about your event. However, we do offer free quotes and guarantee low and competitive rates to all our clients and potential clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find best pricing for your event.

Depending on your contract and your account type, the overage rate is based on a few factors such as, the number of drivers and managers present at your event. The hours you contracted with Expert Valet Parking, and the event in question. For instance, we take special consideration for fund raisers and charitable events.

We carry and maintain at all times effective automotive and garage liability insurance.

Each event will come with our event parking kit which contains the most innovative and presentable equipment in our industry. The kit includes: valet lock box for keys, directional signs, cones, valet parking tickets and flashlights. We also offer additional equipment should your event require special accommodations. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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